Digital-Dany: Photo: Workflow

Nikon D1X Raw (NEF) Workflow

Capture pictures as NEFs:

1) Disable sharpening in camera! (Can be applied better later in Photoshop)

Step Software File Format in Action applied File Format out
1 Photo Mechanic Raw NEF Transfer of files to computer incl. Renaming

Ingest disk: Transfer from card reader to computer

Rename Files: Object Name + Suffix (Timestamp)

2 Nikon Capture NEF NEF to TIFF Conversion:

White Balance: as needed

Batch Process the files

TIFF (16bit)
3 Photo Mechanic TIFF Naming and IPTC:

Apply IPTC stationary

4 iView Media Pro TIFF File Selection:

Import files into catalog

Delete unwanted files

5 Apple Script TIFF


Synchronize NEF to TIFF:

Apple Script removes unwanted NEFs based on TIFFs

6 Toast TIFF & NEF Burn DVD-R:

Copy TIFFs and NEFs into a folder. When folder reaches 4.3GB burn a dual platform DVD (x2 for backup)

7 Portfolio TIFF Catalog files on DVD in portfolio,

Keywords & Categories assigned


About software used:

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